TEEN PROJECT facilitator training

TEEN-PROJECT's Facilitator Training is a two-day, 16 hour interactive, activity-filled training focusing on creating a classroom environment supportive of learning success.

Topics include:

  • Getting to know the target population
  • Developing an instructional style supportive of high-risk teens
  • Effective Classroom Management for difficult kids

  • Motivating reluctant learners (creating a learning climate conducive to getting the kids to do the work)

  • Curriculum Overview

  • Practicum (use new skills to practice with the TEEN-PROJECT curriculum)

Two TEEN PROJECT Facilitator Training options are available.

Option 1: Attend a scheduled, two-day Regional TEEN PROJECT facilitator training:


  • are a convenient way to train one or a few staff members

  • are usually scheduled in metropolitan areas based on local interest

TEEN-PROJECT provides continental breakfast and lunch, and all training materials, including sample "Teen Guide to Choosing Success, Choosing Life" and a CD w/program visuals.

REGIONAL TRAINING COST is $350 per participant.

Option 2: Schedule a two-day Sponsored TEEN PROJECT Facilitator Training:


  • allow your agency to choose the date and location most convenient to you.

  • save travel costs to your participants.

  • may benefit from an open-attendance option with your training posted on the TEEN-PROJECT web-site to help provide your minimum guaranteed number of participants.

SPONSOR PROVIDES: comfortable training site, necessary equipment (laptop, projector, screen & chart holder/paper), travel and lodging expenses for 2 trainers, and guarantees a minimum of 15 participants (maximum number of participatns is 35).

TEEN-PROJECT provides training materials, and a continental breakfast and lunch,

Cost is $325 per participant.