TEEN PROJECT® offers kids three opportunities: new skills, new insight into their ability to make smart choices, and a connection with a caring, supportive adult - the Teen Project Facilitator.

The TEEN PROJECT has 4 major goals:

  1. Increase Locus of Control (what I choose determines the outcomes of my life - only I control me. My choices detrmine the quality of my life.)
  2. Opportunity to interact with a caring, structured adult (Teen Project Facilitator).
  3. Specific Skills identified by Resiliency Research.
  4. Support the postitive change within families.

TEEN PROJECT class in progress (Southern California)



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When TEEN PROJECT® was taught in conjunction with nationally recognized Parent Project® here's what the researchers wrote:

  • - 33% reduction in number of petitions filed for juvenile offenses
  • - 30% reduction in number of minors on probation for any cause

  • - 20% reduction in number of drug-related probation violations

  • - 24% reduction in number of days spent by youth in detention

In addition, "the school dropout rate fell from 17% to 0%, and school expulsions plummeted from 72 to 0."

OJJDP, Causes & Correlates: Volume IX, Number 1, Sept. 2004, p. 31.