Hi, Thanks for visiting our site, teen-project.com. If you are a teen, a parent of a strong-willed teen or an agency which shares my focus of helping kids make smart choices, please take a close look at teen-project. Strong-willed children have a remarkable capacity to accomplish wonderful things; Teen-Project® is a structured skill-building workshop where kids are guided through activities designed to help them focus on the skills of making wise choices.

"Choosing Success" Teen Guide


Choosing Success is a workbook originally designed to be used in conjunction with Parent Project® delivery. Others have adopted it and used the Choosing Success workbook with foster children in group homes, in alternative education settings, with incarcerated adolscents, and young adults, and with recently paroled young adults.



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"Choosing Success Choosing Life"

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Read What Others Say:

LA Parks

Kids...During my time in class, I have learned a lot of new things about the kinds of decisions I make. January, 2008 - Santa Maria, CA

LA Parks2

Facilitator...Using the Teen Project's Teen Guide will allow Teen Facilitators to work smarter rather than harder. Willie Riley, Veteran Juvenile Prob. Officer - LA County, CA

LA Parks 3

Facilitator...This little workbook is a gem! Mental Health Professional
Facilitator...Really is a fantastic curriculum for teens! The teens really respond to this program and the interaction is fantastic. I also love the way it follows along with the adult (parent) program. Detective Christine Golez, Fairfield Police Department